Over the past 50 years, NBMCA has learned that protecting and conserving our watershed relies on collaboration and cooperation with individuals, organizations, and communities.   

And we know that there are many individuals, organizations and businesses who are quietly doing things to protect our watersheds without fanfare or recognition.   

So, as part of our 50th Anniversary, we want to celebrate those Unsung Watershed Heroes and we need your help! 

It's time for them to be recognized!

Do you know of a youth, adult, educator, organization or business that has contributed to the preservation, protection or improvement of the environment in our watershed over the last 50 years?  (NBMCA watersheds include the Districts of Nipissing & Parry Sound.)

Please Tell Us!

Watershed heroes come in all sizes, as do their efforts!   Even the smallest seed grows into a mighty tree – so we’d like to recognize everyone who makes an effort.  Your Watershed Hero will receive a certificate from NBMCA and be recognized with their name posted on our website. 

At the end of 2022, one hero from each category will be chosen to receive a special 50th Anniversary Award and recognition from NBMCA. 

Use the online form here to submit your suggestion for an Unsung Watershed Hero!