(August 4, 2020) NBMCA has tendered for flood and erosion repair work on Chippewa Creek at Oak St., North Bay.   The Chippewa Creek Channel Repair at Oak Street, North Bay project area is situated approximately 60m downstream of Main Street East, near Oak Street East. It currently consists of a concrete bridge crossing that links Oak Street to the Kinsmen Way Trail through a property along the top of the left bank. The existing pedestrian bridge is undersized with respect to the channel width. Bridge abutments and vertical retaining walls (stacked rock slabs) confine the channel, promoting degradation.

A Class Environmental Assessment was completed and resulting recommendation for flood and erosion work has resulted in this tender. 

This Contract provides for the removal of two bridges and the construction of creek improvements, bank grading, armourstone wall construction, abutment construction and pedestrian bridge acquisition and placement, as detailed in the Contract Drawings and Tender package.  For details on the project and tender requirements visit the Public Tenders page on the website.