(North Bay, January 27, 2022) The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) Board Members elected Powassan Councillor Dave Britton as its new Chair at its Annual General Meeting Wednesday.  North Bay’s Dave Mendicino was elected Vice Chair.

Recent changes to Ontario’s Conservation Authorities Act stipulate that conservation authority chairs and vice chairs may now only serve two consecutive one-year terms and the new chair and vice chair may not be from the same municipality as the previous two-year term.  

Dave Mendicino, the outgoing Chair acknowledged how the staff rose to the challenge presented by an unprecedented, record-breaking year for planning and permitting activity while navigating through the restrictions presented by the COVID pandemic. 

“The Board and staff are well equipped to move forward in the coming year which will see further transitions, including changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and new regulations, as well the retirement of our CAO Brian Tayler, who has provided NBMCA with exceptional leadership these last 19 years,” added NBMCA Chair Dave Britton.

The Members also elected Councillors Shelley Belanger of Papineau-Cameron, Nunzio Scarfone of Chisholm Twp., Chris Mayne of North Bay and Ed Valenti of North Bay to the Executive Committee.  Chair Britton and Vice Chair Mendicino are automatic appointees to the Executive Committee.  The Executive reviews the budget before presentation to the Board for approval.  It is also overseeing the recruitment and selection process for a new CAO.

The Source Protection Authority (SPA) Board of Directors also held its AGM Wednesday, electing Dave Britton as Chair and Mendicino as Vice Chair.   The SPA oversees the Drinking Water Source Protection Program for the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Area.

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario and the NBMCA’s 10 member municipalities. A non-profit organization, the NBMCA works closely with the public to balance human needs with the environmental needs of the region’s watershed. The NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities who are members of Conservation Ontario.


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