(North Bay, August 17, 2020)   There is one vacancy for a municipal sector representative on the North Bay-Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection Committee (SPC), a local multi-stakeholder committee responsible for reducing risks to local municipal drinking water sources in Callander, Mattawa, North Bay, Powassan, and South River.

To be considered for the SPC, an applicant must reside in, own or rent land in, be employed in, operate a business in, or be employed by a municipality located in the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Area. A selection committee composed of Source Protection Authority (SPA) members will interview candidates and make recommendations to the SPA which is responsible for the appointment of SPC members.

Membership on the SPC is evenly allocated between municipal, economic and general public sectors. There is an additional seat on the 10-member committee for a Nipissing First Nations representative. Members are asked to make a five-year commitment to serve on the SPC. SPC members receive a $200/day per diem.

Source Protection Committee members include Maurice Schlosser, George Stivrins, Lucy Emmott, Peter Murray, John MacLachlan, Bev Hillier, Andrea Labelle, and Randy McLaren. Wayne Belter is Chair, appointed by the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. The Nipissing First Nations position on the committee is vacant. The current municipal opening is a result of the death of Mayor Hector Lavigne of Callander in early January 2020. Mayor Lavigne had served as a valued member of the Source Protection Committee since January 2018.

Anyone interested in applying to be considered for appointment as a municipal representative must contact the Clerk of a municipality located within the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Area and submit a completed application to the Municipality. Municipalities must submit their selections for consideration to the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Authority by Monday, September 14, 2020.

A letter from the municipality acknowledging its support for the applicant is also required.

An application form can be found on www.actforcleanwater.ca as well as the Notice for Applications and associated information including: Summary of Source Protection Committee Role and SPC Member Obligations; Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy; and Rules of Procedures.

For additional information, contact:

David Ellingwood, Supervisor, Source Water Protection,
North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority

15 Janey Ave., North Bay, ON P1C 1N1

(705) 474-5420    david.ellingwood@nbmca.ca

You can follow NBMCA on facebook.com/theNBMCA and twitter @theNBMCA. 

Website: www.nbmca.ca


For information contact:

David Ellingwood, Supervisor, Source Water Protection (705) 474-5420 ext 2018

Sue Buckle, Manager, Communications and Outreach (705) 474-5420 ext 2010 (cell 705-497-4999)