NBMCA believes that concerned and involved citizens are one of our environment's greatest assets.

Appreciating and understanding the natural environment is a step towards becoming actively involved in sound resource management decision-making and practices that will help balance human, social and economic needs with the needs of the natural environment. 

Stewardship Services delivers programs and "boots on the ground" activities with a focus on riparian and tree plantings through the Restore Your Shore program.

If your home, cottage or farmland property boasts a streambank, lakefront, river or watercourse, you may be eligible for free shoreline plants and planting assistance as part of the NBMCA's Restore Your Shore Program.  In its fifth year, more than 25,000 trees, shrubs and plants have been planted on shorelines and streambanks.

Planting of the shoreline will prevent erosion and runoff, enhance fish habitat, and reduce the addition of phosphorus into our waterways which contributes to the growth of blue-green algae.

For information on Restore Your Shore visit www.restoreyourshore.ca or call the Stewardship Team at 705 474-5420.

Communications and Outreach Services organizes special events and initiatives to raise awareness and engage the public in helping NBMCA achieve its mission and vision.  These initiatives include the Chippewa Creek EcoPath, the EcoPath Festival, the Mattawa River Canoe Race, and Adopt-the-Creek.  

NBMCA also provides leadership in organizing or participating in a variety of collaborative community events and educational programs each year including the North Bay Science Festival, North Bay Regional Science Fair, Louise de Kilrine Lawrence Nature Festival, North Bay's First Lego League Tournament and other environmental, science-based community events. 

During spring break and summer, NBMCA hosts the Canadian Ecology Centre's Eco-camps for Kids at the Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area's natural classroom.   

NBMCA's Lands staff work closely with the Friends of LaVase Portages and the Friends of Laurier Woods with programs and initiatives in those two conservation areas.

From time-to-time, NBMCA also organizes consultations and public meetings to gather feedback on policy changes or initiatives that will engage or impact the public.  These will be posted on our website.

You can learn more about our outreach activities by following us on Twitter @theNBMCA, Facebook @theNBMCA and Instagram nbmcainfo.