North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) is committed to articulating its program and policy interests and working collaboratively with partners and clients.

Having regulation policies in place that are reflective of current provincial legislation and planning policy, easy to understand, reasonable and defensible offers a vital foundation for protecting public safety and property along with the features and functions of the NBMCA watershed. These policies contribute to the sound and responsible development and the promotion of safe, sustainable communities.

This new manual summarizes the scope of NBMCA’s regulatory and advisory responsibilities and requirements. It is expected that this manual will be used by NBMCA staff; municipal planning, building department, public works, engineering, and community services staff; developers and their agents; and, private landowners who may be seeking approval from the Conservation Authority (CA) under the Conservation Authorities Act (CA Act). For this reason, every effort has been made to create a document that is easy to understand and easy to use.

This manual provides information and guidance and has been developed to:

• Consolidate all regulatory and watershed plan review policies of NBMCA in one place to offer an up-to-date and complete set of policies and provide NBMCA staff with a document against which to review CA Act permit applications and to provide plan review services to its municipal partners; and,

• Provide watershed municipalities, applicants and their agents, private landowners and special interest groups with a clear understanding of NBMCA’s role, mandate and responsibilities regarding CA Act permit applications.

NBMCA is inviting public comment on the O.Reg 177/06 Policy Manual.   Please use the form below to submit comments.  Commenting is open until August 14, 2020. 

NBMCA has recently completed two other documents as they relate to NBMCA's permitting and plan review processes: 

NBMCA is also inviting public comment on the Draft Updated ARA Mapping and the Administrative Procedural Manual until August 14, 2020.  Comment forms for the Draft Updated ARA Mapping and the Administrative Procedural Manual are available online at the pages linked above for each document. 

Invitation to Comment on Policy Manual for Administration of ON. Reg. 177/06
Comments close August 14, 2020 

Comment - ON Reg 177/06 Policy Manual

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