The Watershed Condition Statement - Water Safety for the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) area of jurisdiction has now ended.  Watercourses and waterbodies within NBMCA jurisdiction are now within normal ranges for this time of year.

This will be the final update to this page, unless conditions change.  On behalf of NBMCA, thank you for following the Spring 2019 Flood Event Updates webpage.

Current Status (July 2, 2019 – 3:30 pm)

Today the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) ended the Watershed Condition Statement - Water Safety for the North Bay and Callander shorelines of Lake Nipissing and the Mattawa River below the Hurdman Dam. 

“Water levels within NBMCA jurisdiction are now essentially within normal ranges for this time of year,”  said Kurtis Romanchuk, NBMCA Duty Officer.

Lake Nipissing is currently at elevation 196.04m near North Bay, falling approximately 2cm over the last 24 hours. The normal summer operating range for Lake Nipissing is 195.75m to 195.95m.  The lake is slightly above normal levels for this time of year, but it is forecasted to continue to decline until it reaches the summer operating range.

The Ottawa River at the Town of Mattawa is currently at elevation 152.43m, and is fluctuating between aroud 152.35m and 152.55m. Based on historical data, the average water level at Mattawa fluctuates between 151.4m and 152.8m depending on the time of year.

The current forecast for the North Bay-Mattawa areas shows only minor precipitation over the next five days, up to 10mm. Highs will be around 22-27 degrees Celsius, with lows around 15-20 degrees Celsius.  There are currently no strong winds forecasted over the next few days.

Lake Nipissing

Flows through the dams are based on daily analysis of the current status of the lake and river and as agreed to by the Sturgeon-Nipissing-French-Wanapitei Water Management Group. Weather forecast is considered, along with the inflows from the upper watersheds and outflows through the dam to the French River.

You can view the current level on Lake Nipissing at North Bay on the graph below and the French River at the Water Survey of Canada (WSC) website.  Here. (Fluctuations in the levels today are a result of the strong winds affecting the movement of surface water) You can find the official flood warning statement about the watershed on our website News section on the homepage. 

Flood warnings for Ontario can be found on the Ontario Flood Forecasting and Warning website. Here

Mattawa River

The current Ottawa River water level may be viewed at the Water Survey of Canada (WSC) website (note that there is a delay of several hours, and 100m should be added to the gauge reading for metres above sea level).

The Ottawa River Regulation Committee and the Ontario Power Generation which operates the Otto Holden Dam have provided information online regarding the management of water levels on the Ottawa River.   Ottawa River Bulletin May 12, 2019

The municipality provides updates on its Facebook Page @Mattawatownhall and its website. 

Is your property at risk of flooding?

If you think that your property may be at risk of flooding, please contact your municipality.  

If you live in an unorganized township, contact Graham Mewett at Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District office at 705-475-5529.


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Lake Nipissing Water Levels

Date Water Level (m)

Why the fluctuation in water level readings on Lake Nipissing?  Lake Nipissing can sometimes act like a bathtub, with water shifting in the lake, depending upon wind direction, speed and atmospheric pressure - known as a wind surge or seiche.  At times the wind can have such an impact that it may result in the level being higher or lower at the French River gauge compared to the gauge located on the North Bay shoreline.  Seiche