Corbeil Conservation Area Trails - September 10, 2020

Corbeil Conservation Area Trails - High Water September 10, 2020


September 11, 2020.   The trails in the Corbeil Conservation Area may be impacted by rain forecast this weekend.  While the water level in the photo above has receded, water on the La Vase River and wetlands in the area is high, and the ground saturated.  Use caution and avoid trails should they become flooded on the weekend.


Corbeil Conservation Area includes part of the historic LaVase River and its floodplain. Recognizing its unique ecological features, NBMCA developed a self-guided, 1.8 km trail which leads visitors across numerous boardwalks and through a variety of landscapes. A number of interpretive sites detail the changes that occurred in the forest over time. A highlight of the walk is a number of interesting rock formations that were created by glaciers during the last ice age.

Trails identified on map.

Corbeil Conservation Area Trail Map

Directions: Travel south on Highway 17 East to Highway 94. Continue to Corbeil and follow the signs to the Conservation Area.