Kinsmen Trail
March 7, 2019 until further notice:

Pedestrian underpass between Oak St. and  Stanley St.  closed due to overland flooding and ice from broken watermain.  For alternative, use Lee Park or underpass at Community Waterfront Park and museum.  

Conservation Areas:
The public is welcome to visit NBMCA's conservation areas throughout the four seasons.  Each season offers a unique outdoor experience in every conservation area.  It's important to dress accordingly, wear proper footwear for the ground conditions, and stay off lakes, rivers and ponds during freeze up and thaws when ice conditions are questionable.
NBMCA does not provide maintenance within the conservation areas in the off-season, so we close the following amenities until the spring:
  • Papineau Lake Conservation Area: dock removed. Re-installed next spring.
  • Mattawa Island Conservation Area: washrooms closed.
  • Elks Beach Conservation Area: washrooms and gates closed.
  • LaVase Portages Conservation Area: gates closed.  
  • Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area: gates and washroom closed.
  • Kate Pace Way & Kinsmen Trail: no snow removal or maintenance in the winter.