Kinsmen Trail - Oak Street Tunnel now open (May 17, 2019, 11 am)
Pedestrian underpass between Oak St. and Stanley St. now open. There may be some standing water, but tunnel is open.  Staff is monitoring rain and tunnel and closures may occur if water accumulates. 

All Conservation Areas and amenities are now open for the season with the exception of those listed below:

Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area
Two small portions of the trail closed May 15, 2019 until Further Notice
Gates and washroom are now open. Trail sections closed due to flooding. Will reopen when the river recedes.   

Eva Wardlaw Conservation Area
Closed May 1, 2019, until Further Notice
The Parks Creek Backflood Control Dam was put into operation May 2, 2019, to block rising water from Lake Nipissing from entering Parks Creek.  Water flow from Parks Creek into Lake Nipissing will be pumped around the dam.  For more information on the current flood conditions, visit the 2019 Spring Flood Event Page on the website. 

Kate Pace Way @ Memorial Dr. between Monk & Regina
Closed May 8, 2019 until Further Notice
The Kate Pace Way and Memorial Dr. will be closed to traffic between Monk and Regina street for an undetermined period. The closure is required to install temporary piping adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant as part of emergency preparedness given the current flood warning for North Bay and surrounding area. A detour with signage will be in place for local traffic.

Mattawa Island Conservation Area
Closed May 3, 2019 until Further Notice
High water levels in the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers has caused flooding.  Mattawa Island is fully flooded and is not accessible.

Papineau Lake Conservation Area
Dock has now been installed.