North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority

NBMCA was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario and the NBMCA’s 10 member municipalities.
As a community-based, non-profit environmental organization, NBMCA is dedicated to
conserving, restoring, developing and managing renewable natural resources on a watershed basis.
NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities who are members of Conservation Ontario.

Be a Steward!

Prevent Erosion and Runoff!

Planting trees and shrubs along the shoreline or stream bank at your home, farm or cottage is one of the ways you can help protect and preserve water quality. 


Development and On-site Sewage

Permits are one tool for balancing human needs with the needs
of the natural environment, protecting people and property
from natural hazards.


Integrated Watershed Management

From water quality monitoring and flood forecasting to drinking water source protection, NBMCA uses science to make watershed management decisions. 

Get Outside!

Trails & Events

Looking to hike, bike, or ski?
Paddle a historic canoe route?
Explore our natural heritage?
Take part in an environmental festival or special event?  



March 27, 2020

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority continues to follow the guidance of the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit to monitor the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and respond appropriately.  We continue to examine our business practices to find a balance between our social responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protecting our employees from potential exposure while continuing to deliver essential services.


Snow Survey Readings - April 1, 2020

April 01, 2020

(North Bay, Ontario, April 1, 2020)  With warmer temperatures and some rain over the weekend, snow depth has been reduced by an average of 13 cm and water equivalence has decreased by an average of 55 mm since the survey on March 24 reports the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) who measures snow depth and water content as part of its Flood Forecasting and Warning Program. 



Water Condition Statement - Flood Outlook Issued for Watershed

March 27, 2020

(North Bay March 27, 2020)   This weekend’s forecast for 30-35 mm of rain combined with snowmelt and spring-level water courses has prompted the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority to issue its third flood forecasting statement this spring.


Snow Survey Readings - March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

(North Bay, Ontario, March 24, 2020)  Snow survey readings confirm that the snow is gradually melting. Snow depth has slightly decreased and water equivalence has slightly increased since the snow pack measurements taken on March 13 by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority as part of its flood forecasting program.

The average snow depth for the three sites is 35.3 cm, a 5.2 cm decrease from last week. The average water equivalence for the three sites is 121.3 mm, a 21.7 mm increase from last week.


While exploring the outdoors, respect social distance and keep your dog on leash

March 20, 2020

(North Bay, Ontario, March 20, 2020)   Being outdoors has always been a magic elixir for mental health and wellbeing. During COVID-19, it’s still a great place to be active if you follow the guidance of the Health Unit regarding social distancing.  The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority is also reminding people to keep your dogs on leash and poop and scoop while you’re on conservation area trails.


Registration NOW OPEN for the 44th Annual Mattawa River Canoe Race - July 25, 2020



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