Watershed Wonders 50th Anniversary Photo Contest 2022 

A picture, as they say, is worth 1,000 words. With hectares of forests, lakes, rivers, streams, provincially significant wetlands, rugged wilderness trails and urban pathways in the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority region, our watersheds have a lot to say. We live, work, and play in a spectacular region of Ontario, filled with natural wonders and watersheds!

Join NBMCA in celebrating our 50th anniversary by sharing your photographs taken within Nipissing District or Parry Sound District in our Watershed Wonders 50th Anniversary Photo Contest 2022. Images selected for prizes and exhibition will successfully educate, motivate, or passionately move audiences to celebrate our watershed for appreciation, recreation, preservation, and sustainability. This contest welcomes hobbyist and professionals. 

The contest will be open from August 2nd to November 1st, 2022.

For more information, contact Brittney Fortin, Communications Outreach Intern at photocontest@nbmca.ca!



Five adult categories (18+) and 1 general youth category (18 under).

People and Nature

Your photograph tells a story about people exploring nature whether they are hiking, mountain biking, treasure hunting, or simply appreciating and enjoying outdoor spaces like our conservation areas! These photos can be scenic, candid or even action shots.


Capture the presence of nature while creating a sense of place, with or without people.  Whether the focus is on large spaces, sunsets, ripples on a lake, a rare plant or a landscape view from a bird or ant’s perspective, your photograph speaks for nature itself.


Take the time and explore the magic, mystery, and beauty of what is above, below and in between water.  Did you know we have freshwater jellyfish in one of our area lakes? Have you watched an osprey or eagle dive for a fish? Show us through photography your care, concern and appreciation for our area wetlands, creeks, rivers, and lakes. 


From chipmunks to moose, hummingbirds to eagles, sunfish to musky, our watersheds are alive with all kinds of wildlife! Photograph them in our conservation areas, in the bush or in your very own backyard.  

Sustainable Structures

Things and ways that people build, manufacture, and create that respect, protects, or enhances the environment. These structures can be with or without people.

1st place prize in each category! Selected photographs to appear in NBMCA’s 2023 Watershed Wonders Photo Calendar PLUS be on display during our Watershed Photo Exhibition!

Photo Contest Entry Form

Example: Eau Claire Gorge, Kinsman Trail, Public Park, your backyard
Example: Small chipmunk eating out of hand.

Photography Format/Specifications

• The approximate size of the calendar will be 12” w x 9”h, therefore acceptable images submitted are to be a minimum of 300 dpi at 12” w x 9”h in jpg. We are looking for the highest quality images you can supply (use the highest quality setting on your camera) to produce the most professional looking calendar possible, highlighting your photograph and the watershed.

Contest Details

• All participants who submit a valid entry (consisting of photo(s) and a completed entry form) will have the opportunity to be selected as the 1st place prize winner in the corresponding category. • Selected photographs will be used by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority to produce a 2023 photo calendar which will be distributed publicly. Will also have the opportunity for their photo(s) to be part of the NBMCA Photo Exhibit. • Photos will be selected for use in the calendar by a panel of photography and design professionals based on the following criteria: Unique compositions best depicting or showcasing a natural or sustainably constructed structure in the Nipissing or Parry Sound District; Creative use of lighting / colour / exposure; Image size / quality that match the named specifications. • Photographers will be credited in the calendar if their photograph(s) are used. • The NBMCA reserves the non-exclusive rights to use any of the images submitted for any future digital or print internal or external communications, advertising, branding, or commercial applications related to NBMCA business at its will. • Any photo submissions containing images of people must be accompanied by a photo waiver/release form signed by the individual(s) or legal guardian of the individual(s) who appear in the photo. Attach form at bottom of application.

Eligibility Requirements

• The photographer must declare that the photograph(s) submitted are original works taken by the person submitting the photographs, and the photographer has the right to authorize use and publication of the photograph(s). • The photographer must declare that photograph(s) have not been published or has been used in another contest or publication. • Photos must have been taken within Nipissing or Parry Sound Districts. • Participants must submit a completed contest entry form. • Participants must submit a completed photo release/waiver form if applicable.


• Every photo submission has the chance to be chosen as 1st place in its category. Photos will be reviewed by three guest judges. Judges will follow criteria check list to determine best image overall in corresponding categories and top 15 overall.

Signed consent forms must be included for all persons in submitted photographs. Print form from sidebar, complete and sign, take a photo of the form & submit as jpg.
min 300 dpi & 12" x 9"